Bioterrorism: Are you Prepared?

Thank you for visiting the web page on bioterrorism. The materials available through this site were developed specifically to help familiarize physicians with:

  1. agents most likely to be used in a bioterrorist incident
  2. associated signs and symptoms
  3. decontamination and infection control measures
  4. treatment
  5. reporting
  6. working with local, regional, and state facilities
  7. bioterrorism-related information resources

The Center for Public Health and Disasters is committed to bringing you the best in disaster training materials. We hope this information will help you and your staff learn about recognizing and responding to a biological terrorism event.

The training materials include:

A team at the Center for Public Health and Disasters developed these materials with input and support from the California Department of Health Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Primary members of the Center's team on this project include:

Gregory Moran, MD: Dr. Moran is an Associate Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, in the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the Olive View Medical Center. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Infectious Diseases and has a special interest in emerging infectious diseases and agents of biological warfare.

Steven Rottman, MD, FACEP: Dr. Rottman is the Director of the Center as well as an Adjunct Professor in both the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and School of Public Health in the departments of Emergency Medicine and Community Health Sciences respectively. He is also past president of World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Rottman directs the curriculum of courses in emergency public health offered through the UCLA School of Public Health and is a senior attending physician at the UCLA Emergency Medicine Center.

Frank Sorvillo, PhD: Dr. Sorvillo earned his PhD in Epidemiology with a concentration in infectious diseases and has over 15 years of experience working with the Department of Health Services in Los Angeles County in surveillance and control of communicable diseases. Dr. Sorvillo also teaches in the UCLA School of Public Health in the Department of Epidemiology and helped develop and teach the course: Bioterrorism - A Deliberate Public Health Disaster.

Please feel free to e-mail any comments, questions, or feedback about these materials to: